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Natural Spring & Alkaline Ionized Water
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Why Historic Springs?

From the times of the early Indian tribes such as the Cherokee, to the early explorer Hernando DeSoto, to early pioneers such as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, from the early settlers to present day, man has always stopped at Historic Springs to get a drink of water.

And do we have water!!!! HISTORIC SPRINGS flows at a rate in excess of 600 gallons per minute at a constant 53 degrees. The pH factor of our natural spring water is 7.1 which is about as good as it gets. Our TDS (total dissolved solids) count is 228 making for some absolutely delicious tasting water.

At HISTORIC SPRINGS we use only state of the art technology in the filtering and bottling of our water. The Triton 450 by Norland is a totally self-contained unit. This means that no one "touches" the water during the bottling process. From the time the bottles enter the line they are washed, sanitized, filled and capped automatically, eliminating any possibility of contamination. The Triton 450 is capable of bottling 450 five gallon bottles per hour.

We have a spacious warehouse and storage facility and our prices are extremely competitive. More importantly our water is bottled at the source, not trucked to a bottling plant in another state.

Check out our retail store where we have all our products for sale as well as many accessories. Our store hours are Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm (closed for lunch 12-1) and on Saturday 10am - 2 pm.

Take a video tour of our bottling facility and warehouse.

Call us for more information to advertise your business or event. All we need is your information or logo and we're ready to go! Check out a few of our sample labels!

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We have a wide range of products, ranging from 5 gallon to 8 oz bottles. You can also fill your own 1 gallon jug for a quarter!